David & Cheryl Ross

“We worked with three people at Big Block.  Sandro and Heidi held our hands through the whole process of a short sale on our rental property.  We were so upset about the whole process before we went to Big Block.  Friends recommended Sandro Natale to us and told us how he had helped them with a short sale that was very complicated.

We have never sold a home before and we really needed help.  He would send me updates and cc correspondence so I knew what progress was happening each week.  When I needed reassurance I could text Sandro or Heidi and get a response within hours.  They responded, even after business hours and while we were in Europe.  What a team.  The bank (name to be unspoken) was a pain and I would have exploded if I had to work with them any longer. We were so frustrated.    But Sandro and Heidi just kept plugging away and doing whatever it took to keep the deal from collapsing.
I felt like Sandro and Heidi were part of our family by the time we successfully finished escrow.  They are the BEST!”


David & Cheryl Ross


Nan Evans

“I can’t thank you enough for all you have done on my behalf. I know you and Robert did your best to shelter me from the stressful events of this purchase. I felt terrible when I did get emotional!
I love my new house. I barely slept last night thinking about my new life in it!
My surprise celebration almost had me in tears again. All of you were wonderful!
Your gifts were extremely generous and thoughtful! They were also unnecessary but loved! You have done so much covering the expenses of the termite issues and tree removal! You will never know how much I appreciate your kindness!
All of us are blessed to have you in our lives!
You are one of a kind and it will be nice to have you in our lives in the years ahead!
Thank you again Sandro!
Much appreciation and love”


Nan Evans





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