About the Natale Family

Although the exact origin of the Natale family name is unknown, one of the earliest known records of its use comes from a town/comune (municipality) in the province of Treviso, Veneto, northern Italy about 40 miles (66 Kilometers) north of Venice. Records show the “Nadale” family moved from Oderzo into the city of Venice in the year 1297 AD.

Oderzo is traversed by the Monticano River, a tributary of the larger waterway known as the Livenza River. The “centro storico”, or town center is rich with archeological ruins which give insight into Oderzo’s history as a notable crossroad in the Roman Empire.

While many spelling variations exist, Natale, Natali, Nadale, Natal and so on. Early references are synonymous with the day of a martyr’s or saint’s death, and the name takes on the meaning of “birth to eternal life”. It was later used in honor of the Christmas festival and in celebration of Jesus Christ. Buon Natale!

The following ancestry timeline is based off of the personal DNA results of Sandro Natale, born to Mother Linda and Father Alessandro Natale in Southern California in the late 1980’s. The data shows partial lineage of the Natale name dating back as far as the 18th century in the Iberian peninsula, modern day Spain and Portugal.

Genetic Timetable

This Ancestry Composition result helps to estimate the generation range where the Natale surname is likely to have had a single relative who descended from a single population.

These results may be helpful for learning about the Natale genealogy, in figuring out from which ancestors a particular ancestry may have been inherited, or for piecing together the history of the Natale’s likely migrations.

I’ve done my best to summarize the available knowledge about the Natale family here on this page. If you’ve found this page while looking for more information regarding our family, and have some additional information to help build out the family tree, I encourage you to reach out to me to share your thoughts and ideas.



Courtesy of Beverlee Natale. Requiescat In Pace Enrico Natale

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